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In the second exhibition room, we continue with the path forged by the effort and creativity of each author. Within this room, the different perspectives on issues that remind us that, as human beings, we have a thread that crosses our different societies, which weaves aspects that we all share and allows us to dialogue with new cultures through a dialogue between our culture as a knowledge tool against new interpretations and ways of doing things.
The Mitaka and Koganei room, is then the sea where the twelve rivers that we identified in the previous salt converge. Here it will be possible to see the dialogue of drawings, which as manifestations of a universal language, through aesthetic expressions with a local cultural aesthetic root, will allow us to see how children and young people relate to their context. Through their compositions at an aesthetic and compositional level, they will share their reflections, feelings and perspectives of the treasured heritage within their cities and countries.

Our territory and environment

The following gallery is dedicated to the visions and interpretations of our children and young people about the territory they inhabit. Looks that allow us to see the relationship between human beings and nature, the landscapes that characterize our cities, the fauna and vegetation that coexist in our territory. Also, this geleria shares the monumental constructions and interventions that rise in the cities where we live.

ways of living

The room ways of living, is dedicated to those children and young people who found their heritage in everyday life, hobbies, sports that characterize their cultures, the way in which society interacts and how coexistence is within their life contexts.
This gallery shares with us a fragment of the day to day that millions of people cohabit, the cultural expressions, the diversity and color of the streets, the activities that enrich the experience of the city and the patrimonial value within the community.

Our traditions

Our traditions are perhaps the greatest demonstration of the cultural heritage that each of us carries with us. But even more valuable is the person who appropriates it. For this reason, this gallery is dedicated to those traditions that characterize the communities. Gastronomy, national holidays, dacen, music,  celebrations, colors, clothing, interventions on the body, among other topics are what you can find in this room.

and talent

The Creativity and Talent gallery is the space for those who decided to go beyond the possibilities of drawing. A space to find three-dimensional pieces, models and expressions in volume.
Creativity in this space is fundamental, being the promoter of figurative and abstract expressions, where color, the strength of the strokes and the daring game of compositions with specific elements, share the thought and reflection of the authors with their cultural heritage.
In this gallery there are no rules, every theme and perspective is valid! The point of view, the space-time dimension or the historical period to be explored does not matter.


We have shared great experiences throughout this series of exhibitions from December until now. With joy and satisfaction we want to share with all of you the results of the last exhibition held in Sapporo on March 5 and 6.

Thanks to all the people who have supported us and believed in the strength of culture around the world. A sincere congratulations to all our great artists, their creativity has allowed us to see the world through their eyes full of color and talent.

We will see each other again soon.

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