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Sapporo venue was the last part of the Angels Drawing a Picture 2021-2022 exhibition.
From there, we were able to close our first work circuit connecting Japan with the rest of the world. All the drawings that participated in the exhibition adorned and enchanted the viewers with a visual delight of tradition, art, creativity, thoughts and colors.

Sapporo was the closing to the first aversion of our first international hybrid exhibition. It became the headquarters that would allow all the drawings to be simultaneously from the Far East to the Far West.

Although it was the closing of the last stage of the interim exhibition for the Japanese territory, this exhibition held in March 2021, was the promise that together we will continue building a road that unites the countries of the world from the cultural heritage, and became the promise that will give us the opportunity to meet again in Japan for the ANgels Drawing a picture 2022-2023 exhibition.

Our territory and environment

The following gallery is dedicated to the visions and interpretations of our children and young people about the territory they inhabit. Looks that allow us to see the relationship between human beings and nature, the landscapes that characterize our cities, the fauna and vegetation that coexist in our territory. Also, this geleria shares the monumental constructions and interventions that rise in the cities where we live.

Last March 5 the International Exhibition RWYC JAPAN has opened its doors in Sapporo, Hokkaido. A great success and now designing the next project 2022-2023.


We thank the curator Shinichi Yano, our president Ako Katagiri and all Japanese staff

You can enjoy the previous exhibition in Mitaka, Koganei, and Machida in this digital exhibition, coordinated by Kevin Echeverry, president RWYC Colombia

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