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Our young ambassadors of Culture!



The Reconnecting with Your Culture team and the RWYC America committee thank everyone for their dedication, and initiative and congratulate all of you for your talent and creativity.

It is a great honor to be a young ambassador of your culture. Please protect and share your cultural heritage from the bottom of your heart. You are our future!

Also, we would like to congratulate our talented group from Argentina:
Máximo Valdez Mones Ruiz, Angeles Gómez, Mía Rocas Fretes, Rodrigo Chau Angeles, Mauricio Malave, Daiana Arias, Fabián Bermudez, Kevin Jara Pavón, Antony Gimenez, Zully Vidaurre, Kristen Quisbert, Jair Reyes, Angela Martinez, Milagros Cuellar, Jeremias Vidal, Daniel Milla, Nicole Betancurt, Ludmila Bordón and Sofía Cabrera.


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