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During the process of development of the international call, the project managed to reach fifty countries on the five continents and Antarctica, thus reaching hundreds of children and young people around the world without any type of distinction. This, because from objective No. 4 of the SDGs (2030 AGENDA), QUALITY EDUCATION, we understood that it was necessary to promulgate the principle of EQUITY and give the "new generation" the necessary leadership to start sowing a good future for all.

It is for this reason that behind the results obtained within the first year of the project (2020-2021) hundreds of children and young people around the world shared their heritage and culture with us through artistic expressions, where creativity, connection and knowledge of their territories, families, schools and communities were the inputs required to create their proposals.

In the next button, you will find our list with the names, surnames and nationalities of the participants of this great world exhibition, or as we like to call it, this great intercultural mosaic.

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