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project data 

In this section you will find information on the logistics carried out by the Drawing form the world international exhibition project team and the educational program Reconnecting with your culture.
Learn more about our data, cultural management, results, certificates awarded to all the children and young people who have shared their creativity and talent with us as cultural ambassadors of their communities, and much more.

We want to share this information with you!

Drawings from the world has been a digital space open to everyone in the world without any differentiation. We have always proposed to create a new huaminism where there are opportunities for people to have an approximation and reconnection of the communities with their cultural heritage again.
The strength of culture knows no limits and is capable of overcoming any barrier and border, building networks and intercultural bridges from the Far East to the Far West.
This joint work, where each participant in the exhibitions has shared a creative proposal that testifies to community work, the importance of intergenerational dialogue and represents the aesthetic values ​​of their culture, has left us with great results that we want to share with you!

Curatorial script

Since early 2020, in the medley of a complex situation, Reconnecting with your culture was born, and inside it, our intenrational exhibition was born too. If you wnat to see more about our curatorial proces and minute archive, click on the PDF button.  

Exhibitions data

The great results of our exhibitions Drawings form the world and Angels Drawing a picture, have left us great contributions and have been contributions of great value by children and youth to the rest of the world. For this reason, we want to share with you the data of our exhibitions explained in a summary report.

Participation certification

The recognition of the work and dedication of each person should be gratified. The children and young people who have participated in our exhibitions have received a certificate that accredits them as Ambassadors of culture. Throughout this time, we have been filled with happiness by issuing hundreds of certificates to different corners of the world, thanking the children for their dedication and work done.


None of this would have been possible without the support of the Reconnecting with your culture team, the Esempi di Architettura Research Center, the Polytechnic University of Valencia with the UNESCO Chair, and all the institutions that have accompanied us on this new path to follow. The RWYC method seeks to provide a transversal education with a cultural foundation, without this method, these artistic reflections and proposals would not exist. Learn more in the pdf

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