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Drawings from the world
The Heritage of the World through the eyes of the new generations. 

We awarded of the need for culture-based education, and for this reason we intend to give
space to a new generation capable of giving life to a conscious Society, respectful and
open to interpersonal and intercultural dialogue.

Alongside all this there is the dream and the desire to generate a childhood and a youth
that is able to recognize, enhance and appropriate the cultural heritage whose knowledge
enriches and characterizes its community through a civic education capable of
rediscovering and enhancing this inherited treasure.

The title of this international exhibition aims to communicate ideas on the topic of cultural
heritage in the world and every viewer will be able to observe them through the more than
900 drawings that represent precisely the thousand forms of seeing this heritage.
This Intercultural Exhibition illustrates the results of the commitment made with great
dedication by children, girls, young people of different social realities who, thanks to their
“talent and creativity” have given rise to an Intergenerational Dialogue thanks also to the
dedication of their professors, family members and local communities, thus materializing
their way of observing and knowing the world around them.

DRAWINGS FROM THE WORLD” is a testimony of how Drawing is a universal language where
each participant in this exhibition can tell us a little bit about their history, traditions, identity
and including expressing their feelings through the mind and heart so that we can all learn
more about the cultures of the five continents.

Each drawing is a mirror of life, reflects the acuity of knowing how to see things and above
all those "
who draw see the world twice"; and the same design turns into a lens that allows
to give more meaning to the complex concept of Cultural Heritage.
This exhibition is not only the beginning of a journey but also represents the way to give
life to the century of culture through an education that can consolidate a sustainable future.
We have built all this so that we believe that


Curator of the international exhibition
Kevin Alexander Echeverry B.

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